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about me

Welcome to Myo Body Balance clinics based in west-end of Glasgow.
My name is Robert Smith and I have been working in clinical practice since 2007 using an eclectic complementary approach to helping move my clients out of pain, restoring flexibility and improving function. All my treatments are tailored to the clients needs.

I combine quite a number of practices and principals in my work incorporating both physical and talking therapies which include Bowen Technique, Emmett Technique and Hypnotherapy to support each individual, working together to move them out of pain and beyond the debilitation of their limitations. I advocate the understanding of the mind-body continuum within all health and well-being and encourage my clients to explore how stress management, belief, identity and emotion all play into one's own story of pain... this is often very significant for those suffering with chronic conditions and autoimmune illnesses.

I enjoy exploring and discovering whatever critical factor underlies their shift to balance and harmony.

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What differentiates my approach to body-work?

When I work, I assess the whole body and gather a broad structural picture of a specific complaint, I endeavor to  identify the root of this particular imbalance, a 'source to symptom' approach if you like... as opposed to typically chasing pain! I find this results in a more profound and often longer lasting change. In this way, symptoms are often secondary or tertiary to the (sometimes hidden) primary problem.

Taking this structural and functional approach, I look to correct asymmetry in musculoskeletal systems through targeted soft-tissue release, with an aim to correct this cycle of  disturbance in the central nervous system (CNS).  It is this disturbance that often leads to many common neuro-musculoskeletal and visceral (organs) disorders that we experience.

CNS (Brain & Spinal Cord) >> Peripheral Nervous System >> Whole Body >> Joints >> Muscles

Lastly, I may use (when needed) my training in hypnotic work, guided meditation amongst other modalities to help explore the inter-relationship bridging the mind, the memory and the bodies messages. By helping my clients process unresolved hurt, fear or trauma we are able to often reach a deeper and more meaningful resolution particularly when combined with the somatic release work.

Although the above statement may sound a little technical or perhaps complex in parts, it merely aims to illustrate the methodology underlying my approach. My work can seem very simple and is often quite gentle and in fact nurturing. I combine touch, movement, breath and language to facilitate the process of change that the body desires. All therapy is relationship, we work together to heal. The ultimate goal is to bring the person 'together', both functionally, perceptively and consciously whole. This is my great pleasure to play my small part in, and this is the innate human aspect in all therapeutic healing arts.

courses and training

In 2007 I trained in Bowen Technique with European College of Bowen Studies. Since then I have attended many practitioner development courses which have greatly enhanced my experience and understanding of body work. In 2012 I completed a PGCert in Clinical Hypnotherapy with London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH), I am an a associate member of British Society of Clinical Hypnosis - BSCH (Assoc). In 2015 I completed training with Emmett UK. I continue to develop my work, to explore and refine my theories in all aspects of my practice. I am fully insured.

Some specific courses that explore the breadth of this training include:

Fascia Bowen Levels 1 & 2 - Fascia Bowen is a extra light touch form of Bowen work which can be used with clients with extreme mobility problems, debilitating conditions or special needs. This approach is the work of Howard Plummer. Information on Fascia

Hormonal Release - A series of procedures and methodology for re-balancing the reproductive system using Bowen. Common symptoms which can be helped include those associated with menopause, menstrual pain, fertility, loss of libido and prostate enlargement. This work was developed by the late Trevor Rose. Information can be found at:

Importance of Symmetry - The work informs the foundation of my assessment approach in clinical practice, so to better understand patterns of malady and tailor treatment to client’s specific needs. Those want to read more about Graham Pennington's work can visit:

Those interested in learning more about Ross Emmett's work and how Emmett can assist in the relief of pain and discomfort, can find a wealth of information  at:

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Robert Smith            (0)778 390 3467  

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